Some other advantages that Rigby Produce gives its customers:

  • We grow a large percentage of the potatoes we pack. This guarantees our customers a constant, year-round supply of Idaho potatoes.
  • We utilize computer controlled camera graders and sizers that dimensionally grade each potato. This assures a tighter size range and more uniform potatoes.
  • We have a large finished product storage area that is climate controlled. Our customers can rely on fresh potatoes being delivered to their docks.
  • We have a thorough quality control program. Our own in-house inspectors check internal and external defects along with size and presentation of the products. Rigby Produce wants all of the our customers to be 100% satisfied with our products.
  • The American Institute of Baking inspects our facility each year. Our Superior rating speaks for itself when it comes to food safety.
Idaho® Potatoes Mean Superior Quality
Performance, taste, availability, commitment and customer recognition has made Idaho® Potatoes the best.
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