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Superior Quality.
From the Ground Up.

About Us

Rigby Produce began as a small farm with a small packing shed. Today, as one of Idaho's largest grower/shippers, we take pride in our process. From growing our own seed, all the way down to the shipment of our product, we take watchful care to ensure that only the finest quality product is provided to our customers.

Our Farms

Starting out with only a few hundred acres in the early 1970's, Rigby Produce has grown into a sustainable farming operation of more than 30,000 acres.

Our Facilities

Located in Rigby, Idaho, our main facility is one of the largest in the area. It has the capacity to wash, sort, package, and ship nearly 1.8 million pounds of potatoes every single day. Our second facility, located in Hamer, Idaho, has a similar capacity.

Why Idaho Potatoes?

The secret to the superior quality of Idaho Potatoes is, in fact, Idaho! From the warm days and cool nights, mountain-fed irrigation, and the rich, volcanic soil, Idaho checks all the boxes for growing the perfect potato.